translated from Spanish: World Brain Day: Tips to Keep You Young

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) ruled that every 22 July World Brain Day should be celebrated to raise society’s awareness of how to prevent and care for the brain. On this day there are also campaigns to keep society aware of brain diseases, many of which can be avoided or treated with treatments and diagnoses. The corovirus pandemic has led the brain to maintain some mental overload, this is not a neurologically risk impact but in the long run they could have a negative impact. Therefore it is necessary to do some activities or follow some advice to keep it healthy, according to Cigna Seguros. 
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Enhancing social and affective relationships. Social relationships are very beneficial for brain health, as they are a form of intellectual enrichment and involve cognitive challenges through conversation with other people, having to attend to what the interlocutor tells us and to remember relevant information.  
Disconnect from time to time. In this way, we will activate the so-called ‘default neural network’, a part of the brain that is fundamental to maintaining memory 100 percent.
Exercise agility through mind games. It is a good way to enhance logical thinking, they represent an extra reinforcement for brain stimulation, and also, they amuse and entertain.  
Perform memorization exercises. By implementing such activities we can exercise the brain and enhance the ability to retain information. 
Acquire new knowledge. Learning is seen as a key aspect of neural plasticity, understood as the brain’s ability to form new nerve connections and keep the mind agile.
Work the concentration. To further enhance memorization and learning, it is recommended to also work on concentration. There are many ways to encourage it.
Take care of the rest. As indicated by the Spanish Society of Neurology, enjoying a quality night’s rest protects brain health, since during sleep functions related to learning, memory or mood are restored.

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