translated from Spanish: Antonia’s father referred to The eventual infiltration of Pradenas in WhatsApp group: “He is in control of everything”

In a conversation with True Lies of La Red, Alejandro Barra referred to the video published by Martín Pradenas.” The video leaves much to be desired (…) I’m now in front of a camera, talking what comes to mind, because I have the truth. I don’t need an (audio) tooth like the gentleman has it in one ear. It’s a video edited many times to make it ‘right’, ” he said. In addition, Antonia’s father added that “he says, ‘I gave the tests they asked for,’ the cell phone for example. And today in the formalization, they stated that the Lord did not deliver the right phone, the one that was bringing that day and that we requested on 18 September.” Alexander argued that “it was one of the many things that were used to disorient research.” He also says he delivered his notebook, but he doesn’t tell the truth. It doesn’t say he deleted 14,900 pictures of that team. When someone talks to the truth and is not afraid of anyone, they don’t refuse to have a psychological examination,” he added. Yesterday the complainant’s lawyer revealed that Martin Pradenas would have infiltrated whatsApp’s “Justice for Antonia” group on this, Alejandro Barra stated that he “proves that he has control of everything. He has no shame, nor does he regret anything.” Finally, he asserted that people like Pradenas “have a safety net, that if anything happens to them, they’re going to move it.”

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