translated from Spanish: From Gregory for 10% withdrawal: the government is “always behind” and the opposition is “covered by populism”

The former president of the Central Bank, José de Gregorio, considered that the Government “has been well behind” in the supports and that in the end they ended up dominating “political things, I would say, unthought, behind and populist”, resiring to the approval of the withdrawal of 10% of pension funds.
In an interview with Tele13 Radio, de Gregorio said that “a government that is always behind, and an opposition that is somehow covered by populism, is very difficult to reach agreements.”
The dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Chile also noted that “the Government should have approached the opposition and reached an agreement, and never came close, there has never been a rapprochement by either side, and we have a situation in which a project was approved which has quite large effects and costs and is also progressive and is progressive , by people who call the property progressive.”
Finally he went in a swoop against those parliamentarians who, knowing that the project lacked solidity, voted in favour. “Decisions are politics, technocrats, academics, what they have to deliver are benefits, costs and for the political world to decide, but the political world has wiped out things of minimal rationality.”
Yesterday, the project allowing the withdrawal of 10% of pension funds was approved in the Senate Chamber with the support of several Chilean parliamentarians, and which will be voted on this afternoon in the Chamber of Deputies.

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