translated from Spanish: Jesica Cirio on Martin Insaurralde’s version of infidelity with his secretary

When on June 12 Martín Insaurralde was admitted to the Hospital de Lavallol after covid-19 (coronavirus) positive began to run the version that his secretary was also infected and led to speculation about an infidelity since his wife, Jesica Cirio, had given negative to the test. Insaurralde, meanwhile, managed to recover twelve days later thanks to a plasma transfusion of patients who had coronavirus and were already recovered.

“He always happens at this time of year for these asthmatic episodes, (…) always has low defenses. So I thought it was one more episode (…) and when we found out it tested positive, the doctor came to pick it up instantly to put it in, and I started to get in distress,” Jesica said in dialogue with El Espectador (CNN Radio); and assured that he felt “powerless” for having to be isolated in his apartment. And the question that uneasyed everyone, could not be missed. Angel De Brito asked him about the fact that she did not catch it but the secretary of Insaurralde, and Jésica clarified it: “It’s good that you’re asking me! Vicky (Victoria Bourio), The secretary of Martin Insaurralde is part of my family, I love her with all my being. She was very distressed when they said she had spread herself and I did not. There were a lot of people throwing bad energy, but it’s over. They said a lot of things about me, which does one more…”

Martin Insaurralde with Jesica Cirio and her daughter, Chloé

“I was not bothered by prejudice but ignorance, because it is ignorance of the disease, because there were so many cases in which they did not all get sick in the same house. That’s the number of haters. It’s a bit of this famous crack that revolutionized and there were a lot of people throwing bad energy. When I follow them I see that they have five, six followers and there I see that they are fake accounts,” Cirio concluded.

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