translated from Spanish: OOAPAS second stage of the ‘Morelia Deep Drain Cleansing’ Program begins

Morelia, Michoacán.- As part of the Deep Cleaning Program 2020 that started the City Council of Morelia, headed by the municipal President Raúl Morón Orozco in March, the Operator Agency of Drinking Water, Sewerage and Sanitation of Morelia (OOAPAS) this week began the second stage of work on the Arroyo de Tierras and Itzícuaros drains, with which the programmed attention will be concluded for this year , in order to mitigate the effects of storm rainfall and protect areas of greatest vulnerability to flooding

The first stage took place from March to May, where 21.7 linear kilometers were served in nine (09) city drains: Barajas, Carlos Salazar, Gertrude Sánchez, Itzícuaros, La soledad, Monte de los Olivos, Mora Tovar, Parián, and Quinceo. At this stage, 36 thousand tons of waste were removed.
In the second stage, deep cleaning will be done on two fronts of the Arroyo de Tierras and Itzícuaros drains, covering 3.1 linear kilometers to remove the lily and the azolvado material that reduces the hydraulic capacity of its channels. This will cover a total of 24.8 linear kilometers in ten (10) morelia drains.
In addition, work continues to deazolve and clean the sewerage network in colonies surrounding rivers and drains, as well as the cleaning work of the inter-agency municipal brigade, to optimize the hydraulic operation of drains, ditches and sewerage networks in this rainy season.
OOAPAS maintains 24-hour guards on the stations along the Rio Grande and continues to advance the process of automation of pumping equipment in the stations, to have a better response to a contingency.

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