translated from Spanish: What the Chileans’ first trip will look like

Despite the obvious effects of the pandemic on tourism, Chileans are already planning their upcoming trips and destinations. The most tentative date on which Chileans wish to travel is the first half of 2021.
According to Despegar’s First Post Covid-19 Trip study, 40% of Chileans want to travel within Chile. When? Especially during the first half of 2021, mainly in the January-March period.
«People are going to prefer nearby destinations. From car travel and short flights. When it comes to traveling outside, you’ll prioritize destinations and places that provide security,» says Dirk Zandee, country manager of the Andean Take-off Region. In addition, it explains the new profile of the post-covid tourist, who will seek safety and health over the price. The new tourist will seek to travel within the same country, mainly to places where he can access by land. In addition, estrangement will be an important factor in the decision-making of the new tourist.
For 40% of respondents would seek to travel to the south of the country. Within this area of the country stands out Los Lagos (11%) and the southern tip of the country with cities such as Punta Arenas (14%). 11% prefer to travel to the far north of the country, mainly Iquique. According to the particular reasons of the trip, travelers claim that it is to rest, vacation, visit friends, family, tourism or simply make a pending trip.
According to the study, 40% of Chileans want to travel within Chile. While the rest intend to travel to destinations such as the caribbean beaches and Mexico. They are followed by Latin America, to visit friends and family; instead they prefer Europe to travel as a couple.
What, when and how?
According to the preferences of those traveling within Chile, 24% of Chileans want to do so in the first half of 2021. 60% of Chileans say they travel by plane within the country and 22% will stay in a hotel. 53% of these travelers say they will pay in card installments. Those who travel within Chile prefer to do so as a family; with their partner and children.
According to international travel, 32% of Chileans also intend to travel in the first half of 2021. 37% of the travelers surveyed will be staying in a hotel.
While on domestic travel travelers prefer to go with family, on international trips the preference is to go as a couple. In addition, 48% also declare that they will pay in card installments for their expenses abroad.
As for the activities that are planned during the trip, international travelers prefer to use their time to do city tours, which will privilege the distance and smaller groups. Meanwhile, travelers who will be in national territory prefer to live cultural and local experiences of the place of Chile that visit.

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