translated from Spanish: Former executive producer of «Mucho Gusto» by Viñuela: «We have appeared as a team that left it alone and threw it in front»

Through a statement, Mega reported that he accepted the request of the executive producer of the program Mucho Gusto, Pablo Alvarado, to leave his post.
According to the station, Alvarado will assume in the near future other projects within the channel «linked to commercial and television management».
Alvarado’s departure came in the context of the controversy generated after the space driver, José Miguel Viñuela, cut his hair live to a cameraman, a situation that caused the driver to also leave the morning.
In a farewell letter addressed to the team, Alvarado said that after October 18 the team tried to maintain an emotional connection with the public, «but it certainly wasn’t enough» and argued that «in a couple of weeks we realized that the program we knew how to do, the one that for several years accompanied Chile in the mornings, was no longer viable.»
«Then we arrive at July 16, a ‘holiday’ that will become the last lunge. A mistake, a fool, a madness, an irresponsibility… but in no case a premeditated and planned action of impairment or abuse against José Miranda,» said the now former space executive producer, who added that «from that day everything was from bad to worse. He began the witch hunt and José Miguel has been stoned in the public square transforming him into an ‘evil person’, inhumane and willing to premeditatedly harm another human being. Obviously that’s a lie, José Miguel was wrong and quickly apologized for what happened and, in truth, I can’t think of what else he could have done to remedy what happened.»
Alvarado suggested that there were no instructions for Viñuela’s action, but that «no one believes that José Miguel acted by mutual self (declared by him) and we have appeared as a team that left him alone and threw him in front. I take responsibility as Executive Producer and I will not stand out from José Miguel.» 
The former executive producer also said that «being accused of breach of fundamental rights of anyone seems to me to be a very serious accusation and only put the last drop in a glass that was already very crowded», alluding to the complaint that Mega’s Syndicate 1 made for that reason to the Directorate of Labour.
It was also disclosed that Camila Doenitz, who served as general editor of the space, will go on to direct «Mucho Gusto».

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