translated from Spanish: How and when you’ll see the brightest comet Neowise

It is the third comet discovered so far in 2020 and has two partucularities that set it apart from the others. Comet C/2020 F3 renamed Neowise is the first to be seen this year from earth and is the brightest of the last 7 years. Neowise was discovered by NASA telescope on March 27 when «it was illuminated when it reached its closest point to the sun, within Mercury’s orbit» they explained from NASA. On its journey through the ether the comet reached its closest point to earth on July 23, at which point it was 103 million kilometers away, a space 400 times greater than that which separates the earth from the moon. But we’ll only be able to spot it in the first days of August. In our country you can see perfectly, being the most ideal places to contemplate it, the Northern region. His last visit was 6,800 years ago so according to the specialists to see this new visit the most conducive days will be between July 26 and 27, it should be noted that the comet as it moves away from the sun, loses luminosity. For the city of Buenos Aires the best days to see it will be the last of july, and should be able to be seen with the naked eye or with binoculars, as long as the weather conditions allow it. To make a wish then!

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