translated from Spanish: Minister Paris and possibility to start the transition phase in the RM: “Today we are going to make some announcements”

This day the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, spoke with radio University of Chile where he commented “today we are going to make some announcements” that would have to do with the change of phase in the Metropolitan Region.The secretary of state stated that “it is not yet deconfined, because much is missing”.” Public Space and some other entities have proposed this type of transition, by blocks (…) and other entities have also proposed that it be done by health service (South Metropolitan, North, East, etc.)”, he added. In addition, the portfolio manager stated that “we look at parameters that have to do with the positivity of the exams, the number of new cases, the percentage of occupation of ICU, by region or by communes. And well, today we’re going to make some announcements, so you guys have the scoop, but I can’t overtake them.” When asked how the lives of Santiaguinos could change from here to tomorrow or next week, Paris noted that “from the point of life of personal mobility, quarantine is maintained on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.” We think that during the weekends, the holidays, people can get less careful, so we will keep quarantine,” he said. Finally, the Minister of Health stated that it will continue to “comply with the curfew, physical estrangement”, “customs and sanitary cords” in addition “the movement is authorized, except in curfew time, but the ban on the transfer to the second home is maintained”.

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