translated from Spanish: They stop motorcyclist for not becoming a helmet and was armed in Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Mazatlan.- By carrying a firearm, elements of the Secretariat of Public Security detained a motorcyclist who committed a violation of the Mobility Act.At 7:27 a.m. on Thursday, agents of this pre-trial corporation carried out prevention services in the commission of crimes and circulated on Manuel J. Clouthier Street and Hermanos Wright Street, Colonia Nuevo Progreso.
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The elements observed a motorcycle that was driven by a man who did not wear a protective helmet, so they proceeded to head towards the motorcyclist to draw attention to the violation of the Sinaloa State Mobility Act.To do so they asked him to stop the march, to which he agreed and descended; the officers identified and let him know why they had asked him to stop the march. He identified himself as Sergio Alberto «N», 31 years old, residing in the Flores Magón colony. 

Motorcycle the man was riding. Photo: Courtesy

When asked to come down from the unit, one of the agents observed him at his waist what was apparently the colored pooch of a firearm, so he was asked for permission for an inspection of his person. Latest local news on the following links: News Mazatlan, Sinaloa NewsThe police located him a gun-type firearm, apparently caliber 380, with black plastic cacha, black peacock, legend Colt MK IV/series 80 -Mustang- 380 Auto MU39648, and on the other side Cal. 380 Colts PT. Fa. MFC CO. Hartford. Ct. USA, with charger supplied with 5 useful cartridges. In questioning the device and whether he had permission for the carrying and possession of firearms, he stated that he had no permit and that the pistol was his property, so that, upon finding him in flagrance, the motorcyclist was arrested for the alleged offence of carrying a firearm and was referred to the relevant instance.

Original source in Spanish

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