translated from Spanish: VTR in the class action of the Sernac: «We are facing the greatest challenge since the rise of the Internet»

Following the class action against it filed by the National Consumer Service (Sernac) for problems in internet service, the VTR company issued a public statement in which it lamented legal action, ensuring that, as an industry they are facing an «unprecedented situation that has put the world’s telecommunications companies in the face of the greatest challenge since the emergence of the Internet.»
«We regret this legal action, but we are respectful of the authority’s decisions, and we will file our discharges once we have been notified and know the lawsuit in detail,» the company argues.
The company noted that, as soon as the confinement measures were decreed in Chile, «there was an explosive increase in internet traffic of 40%, in just one week, a figure that has been maintained during these months in which people continue to work and study at home.»
In addition, VTR reported that during the pandemic, precisely in April, a comprehensive Contingency Plan was launched, which, in the company’s view, has allowed them to improve their response and customer service rates.
«The plan considered, in addition to the activation of security and personal protection protocols for our employees, various measures to stabilize and improve the quality and stability of Internet service and to increase and strengthen our customer service channels,» they detail in the statement.
In this regard, VTR indicated that it advanced the investment in network capacity expansion that it normally makes in one year.
Meanwhile, in terms of customer service and service, they noted that «VTR increased the endowment of the technical team in the field by 40% to absorb user over-demand.»
«In parallel, we have initiated a personalized care plan, and today we are committed to calling our customers one by one to solve the problems that by different variables affect the experience of connecting to the interior of their homes,» they say.
«We are aware that some of our customers may continue to have anomalies in their Internet service. The company’s reinforced care channels and technical equipment are 100% available to address
the needs of our customers and we will not rest until we give each and every one the quality of service they expect and deserve», concludes the statement.

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