translated from Spanish: Broad Front: Common names Jorge Ramírez in party presidency after javiera Toro’s departure

Through her Twitter account, Javiera Toro, the now former president of Comunes, announced that today her term – together with Vice President Valentina Saavedra – is over at the head of the match frontamplist.
«Today my term as president of Commons is over, a party we formed a year ago to strengthen a left-wing, feminist and popular alternative from the FA. I hope I have helped to open the policy when it is more necessary than ever to recover it for the majority,» Javiera Toro said on the social network of the blue bird.
Instead, the general council of Comunes ratified the change and defined Jorge Ramírez as the new helmsman of the collective. Ramirez was serving, to this day, as general secretary of the party, a position that Carolina García will now assume.
«I assume the presidency of Commons at the time of the greatest social and health crisis of the last 50 years, ad portas of a constituent process and with a government that has ended. That is why we will put priority in building unity between all the transformative and popular forces, which allows us to overflow the Broad Front, make sense with citizen demands and overcome any idea of an agreement with traditional politics,» Jorge Ramírez told El Mostrador.
For the new helmsman, the popular, democratic and citizen articulation is the only thing that will allow «to win the Constituent, to be a government, to recover the institutions for the people and to overcome the nefarious legacy that will leave us the pandemic, Piñera and the 30 years of neoliberalism of concertation and the right».
His objectives are clear and in his first statement as President of Commons, Ramirez told this medium that the idea that unity is with people, with social movements and not with traditional parties, is going to be strengthened. «I am critical of the role that the Broad Front has played this period, I am very critical of the role of the opposition during this period of pandemic, but we understand that it is necessary to dialogue and build efforts to defeat the right and the attempts of some to return to the politics of transition,» he said.
«Any dialogue and agreement must be for people, with a transformative program on the table. We’re not going to be available for agreements behind closed doors or leaving citizens out,» added the new helmsman frontamplista.
It should be mentioned that during the last day it was also voted that the vice presidency was left in the hands of Nicolás Aldunate, former coordinator of the Workers’ Front.
The new management will remain until December of this year when the general elections of the Broad Front member party are held.

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