translated from Spanish: «It’s not real and humans don’t exist» says young man who refuses to use sketch covers (Video)

Mexico. – In addition to constant hand washing and social estrangement, another recommendation of the health authorities to prevent the contagion of COVID-19, is the use of the cover, which to date many people refuse to use it, arguing countless pretexts, as was the case of a man, who assured that COVID-19 is «just a pastime».
Several videos have circulated on social media, in which people say they do not abide by health measures because the SARSC-VOC 2 virus, which has killed millions of people worldwide, «does not exist».
However, a young man not only said that the new coronavirus «is not real,» but also that humans «do not exist.»

When questioned as to whether he did not fear coVID-19 by eating on public roads without any protection, the man replied:
«In COVID I don’t think, none of this is real, we don’t exist, this is all a hobby,» he said.
And noting that «reality» is similar as what is featured in the Netflix series Dark, he claimed that actor Jim Carrey was right about the creators of the «New World Order.»
«I don’t believe in that illuminati movement,» he added in the midst of a Colombian television show.

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