translated from Spanish: Photo of Covid-19 victim in Indonesia causes worldwide shock

Indonesia.-The image that was captured by photojournalist Joshua Irwando, while portraying the pandemic in an Indonesian hospital has hit the most sensitive fibers of thousands of social media users, as it shows the stark reality that humanity is going through. The image showing a Covid-19 victim, after his death, is wrapped in plastic to prevent the spread of viruses, also preventing him from being recognized until his sex.
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The photograph has been shared and admired by thousands of users who point out shows the worst of the pandemic, for its part, Irwande via Instagram has shared its expedition at the time of taking the photo, a description that along with the controversial image was published.

The imgen was shared by the photographer via Instagram/screenshot

«Photographing the victims of coronavirus in Indonesia is the most heartbreaking and creepiing photograph I’ve ever taken. In my mind at the time, I just thought that what happened to this person could well happen to the people I love, people we all love.»

So too, the photojournalist honors the thousands of doctors and nurses, who on the front line give their lives to save someone else’s.
«I have witnessed firsthand how doctors and nurses continually risk their lives to save ours. They are the true heroes of this story, and the only way to appreciate their work is to follow what they advise us to do,» Joshua said on social media.

The covid-19 contagion figure in Indonesia stands at about 97,286, where 4,714 people have so far died placing themselves at number 24, below Iraq, which has just over 100,000 cases. You might also be interested:EU exceeds 146,300 dead and 4.2 million cases of COVID-19The so-called «love hormone» oxytocin, could be the cure of Alzheimer’s

Original source in Spanish

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