translated from Spanish: They learn a man for allegedly assaulting his father in Arteaga, Michoacán

Arteaga, Michoacán.- Staff of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Michoacán (FGE), achieved the arrest of Juan Antonio C., for his possible relationship in the crime of qualified injuries, perpetrated in grieving his father; events on July 17, in the municipality of Arteaga.
The day before, the victim was inside his home in the colony La Pitidera, in the company of his children and wife; however, as he prepared to retreat to his bedroom, he was surprised by his son Juan Antonio C., who attacked him with a machete, causing various wounds to his body.
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After the assault, John C., he went on the run, not without first threatening his relatives not to report him, while his father, was assisted and transferred to receive medical care to a local noocomia, while the Regional Prosecutor’s Office, when notified of the event, initiated the corresponding investigations.
Once the respective acts of investigation were carried out, it was possible to establish the possible participation of the accused, who, in compliance with an arrest warrant issued by a judge, this weekend was detained by agents of the institution and presented to the authority that will resolve his legal situation.

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