translated from Spanish: Omar Chaparro and Eugenio Derbez reunite and star in tremendous kiss (VIDEO)

Mexico.- One of the purest, most honest and true friendships is that of Eugenio Derbez and Omar Chaparro, without a doubt they have an impressive chemistry that have even shared images and videos where they have various examples of affection. During these times of pandemic, they starred in a comic moment that has already gone viral on the Internet.Comedians met casually while working out in Los Angeles, California, United States, where they currently reside, and so much was their pleasure to see each other again, that they did not hesitate to share this emotional moment, in which they starred in a comical kiss on the lips while carrying cover covers, the weapon that helps all these times.
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Through his official Instagram account, Chaparro shared this video of that emotional moment together, which already surpassed 490 thousand views and together thousands of comments in which all his fans emphasize that they are so excellent friends who share this kind of affections. The laughter did not stop among the netizens, who commented that they “even close their eyes to kiss.”

It’s good to see you, dear @ederbez. Good friends take care of each other and kiss with cover caps. I promise to give you some more up-to-date @brosclub clothes or if you’re wrong financially, let me know to lend yourself and buy yourself some new T-shirts,” Omar Chaparro wrote in the description of his video.

During this emotional encounter, Chaparro alluded to a T-shirt that Derbez gave him a long time ago and commented that he still uses it, because he finds it very comfortable and modern. This gift was when the two were at the World Cup in Germany in 2006 and at 14 years of use, it is still in good condition. Ask my wife, she says ‘why don’t you take that shirt off…’ and I say ‘because I like it, because it’s modern, because it’s father’, ” commented the driver and producer about the gift he still has from his esteemed friend, Eugenio Derbez.Omar Chaparro paralyzes TikTok dancing to the rhythm of Pedro Fernández
In a recent publication on TikTok, Mexican comedian Omar Chaparro again played his own, showing his best dance steps to the rhythm of the song “Me Encantas”, played by Pedro Fernández, so his followers soon left their reactions in the comments section of the post.

Now if I know what we do to him? what’s he doing? I paint the bard, I fix the bathroom, I cut the garden, they make chambas of all kinds, now if I want to and Pilón his little dance, deserves more but with me he settles? What does it say then? He’s going to want to give it to firulais????,” Chaparro wrote in the description of his video.

Like many other celebrities, Omar Chaparro is a popular star on TikTok, where he stays active and constantly consents to his fans with fun videos that only he can make. Currently has more than 3.2 million followers on this platform and its videos collect hundreds of thousands of likes.190 thousand views achieved with the video inspired by his good work colleague Pedro Fernández, in which he also added to his followers: “#MeEncantas of my friend @pedro, fer laugh tantito nothing happens anyway we’re all going to die,” showing himself in loose clothes and full of white paint from the comfort of his home. You may be interested:Omar Chaparro makes Pamela Juanjo compared to ConacytOmar Chaparro headline and Cristian Castro make fun road duetOmar Chaparro is attacked for allegedly filming with public money

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