translated from Spanish: Bankstate and 10% withdrawal: RUT account will have no deposit limit and money amount increased at neighboring boxes and ATMs

Bancoestado President Sebastián Sichel explained through a video that the RUT account will have no limit to receive the withdrawal of 10% of the funds from the AFPs withdrawn by clients.
Sichel’s clarification occurs because such a banking product has a limit of $2 million, a capacity you will not see altered by the deposit of pension funds.
«For example if you receive $1 million, you will continue with the $2 million available, if you receive $2 million, you will continue with the $2 million. For what? So that it does not affect deposits you may receive from places other than this 10% and does not affect your ability to use the RUT account,» said the manager, who added that this implies that there is no cap, up to the $4.3 million that can be requested through the retirement law.
The president of Bancoestado further reported that telephone line 6002007000 will be enabled to unlock account cards that have been blocked. Unlocking, Sichel said, will also be activated by the last key used by the customer. «So, if you remember it it’s going to be activated that way, if you don’t remember it, call on the phone.»
Sichel also said that the entity is studying to extend schedules, so that in each city in Chile where there is a presence of Bancoestado, there is an extended-hours branch for people who want to make the turn in person.
At the neighboring boxes and ATMs of Bancoestado, meanwhile, the possibility of making turns for a higher amount was enabled: $200 thousand at the neighboring boxes and $400 thousand at the ATMs. For people who receive less than $200,000 of their 10% withdrawal, they will be able to make the spin at no cost from the neighbouring boxes.

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