translated from Spanish: Hot Sale in Argentina: 54 purchases per minute were recorded on the first day

From 00 on Monday 27 July, a new edition of the Hot Sale was given that lasts for three days and presents great discounts on different categories of products. Despite general complaints from several users about the brands highlighting the initial figures not to lose, a new discount count was carried out by the UBA. As explained by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), which organizes this digial event, 2.1 million people were registered who sailed on the official site in search of proposals made by more than 700 companies, with some curious facts. The aforementioned study of the University of Buenos Aires, revealed that an average 26% discount was found among all brands and categories. With some eye-catching numbers: Travel – 30%, Cosmetics and Beauty – 29%, Babies and Children – 28%, Clothing and Footwear – 26%, Food and beverages – 26%, Sport and Fitness – 26%, Furniture, Home and Deco – 25% and Automotive – 15%.

«It is very important to once again have the support of the University of Buenos Aires to monitor the event and contribute to the good practices within the site. In this way, users can have a good shopping experience throughout the process and take advantage of the event to find the best online discounts on products of all categories», commented Diego Urfeig, CEO of CACE. As for the products sold, the first information determined that every minute 54 purchases were registered across the country. Although not detailed by heading, the most chosen products were Notebooks, Smart TV, fridges, washing machine, slippers and air conditioners.On the other hand, the city is where the most noteworthy purchases were in the City of Buenos Aires and The Great Buenos Aires, followed by Córdoba, Rosario, Mendoza, Tucumán, Neuquén and Bahía Blanca.

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