translated from Spanish: Organisers of patron saint festivities insist on throwing parties and jaripeos in Morelia

Cristian Ruiz
Morelia, Michoacán.– Committees in charge of patron saint festivities are what insist on performing dances and jaripeos in Morelia despite restrictions caused by the health contingency caused by the coronavirus covid-19, said Humberto Arróniz Reyes, secretary of the municipality of Morelia.
In an interview with media, the official said that during this past weekend there were different mass congregations in holdings such as Capula, without the municipality giving permission to do such an event

«We have not allowed any, I have answered in the offices of the chiefs of tenure telling them that mass events are suspended,» the secretary said in an interview with the media.

In this regard, he reported that it was the ecclesiastical authorities who have agreed to the holding of these events, among which mass dances and/or jaripeos predominate.
If this type of conglomeration continues, the closing of the event will take place, in addition to the advantages of the entrepreneurs in charge of the realization.

«We can get in trouble because sometimes they are for pis works, if we need to use public force to avoid them, we will do it, although it will not be necessary because we will talk to the entrepreneur earlier, if they do it in these conditions we will veto them from Morelia,» he concluded.

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