translated from Spanish: PRI Timonel and Piñera’s new ministerial adjustment: «We believe it will bring more political weight»

Following the change of cabinet that was official on Tuesday by President Sebastián Piñera at the Palacio de La Moneda, the helmsman of the Independent Regionalist Party (PRI), Rodrigo Caramori, highlighted the arrival of parliamentarians with political experience to the Political Committee, but emphasized that it is of no use to make a new adjustment if it does not involve a different form of communication and dialogue with all sectors. , in particular the four games of Chile Vamos.
«We believe that this cabinet change will bring more political weight, because these are leaders with proven experience and leadership who come to the government from the National Congress, although we hope that this amendment will bring with it more dialogue between the President, the plenary of ministers and the four coalition communities,» he said.
In the view of the leader, «it is very important that at this new stage, or new treatment, The Representative Sebastián Piñera listen more and pay attention to what people are asking for. We don’t get anything out of it by taking out faces and putting others in their replacement if we keep the remoteness and distance that has been seen between the Executive and the various political actors.»
«Rather than thinking about whether there are parties that were more or less happy with the changes, here the important thing is to finish well what remains of government, but assuming that the key is to accentuate communication with officialism and the opposition,» he added.
«And in the same way we must understand that here we are playing the future of the conglomerate in the forthcoming electoral processes,» he closed.

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