translated from Spanish: Spotify adds a virtual party option where everyone is a DJ

Since decreed isolation to the world of entertainment, he had nothing but to reinvent himself and adapt to the times that are running. With all their difficulties, the theaters opened their backdrops with streaming proposals, the musicians grabbed instruments and microphones and began streaming their shows online, and the parties took place in the digitality of a DJ dancing and playing music for hundreds of viewers. So is the case of the applications that were updated to allow us to be and feel closer to our affections, such as Whatsapp that added the video calls to its web version, such as Netflix Party that allows you to «join» the distance with other people to simultaneously watch a content or like, now also, Spotify, which allows its premium users to listen to music and podcasts on a par with others regardless of the distance.

This feature, launched as «Group Session» in May and recently updated to be able to share with up to five friends what we are listening to, allows any of them to pause, play, skip or select tracks in the queue, and also add their own songs. Because the feature is about simultaneous listening, each time someone performs one of those actions, it will be immediately reflected on all participating devices. To organize a group session all you have to do is, from the screen on which we are playing something, enter the menu «Connect to a device» (where usually we appear other devices connected to the same WiFi network from which you can play Spotify) and share the Spotify code or link so that our guests can join the party.

«There’s nothing like enjoying your favorite playlist or podcast with friends and loved ones. That’s why Spotify released the first beta version of Group Session in May. At launch, this evolving feature allowed Premium user groups to share control of their listening sessions with others in real time. It even offered shared opportunities for collaboration among all listeners. And we didn’t stop there,» they said in a statement.» In our latest innovation, we take the group session one step further with a completely new functionality that allows Spotify Premium users around the world to tune in to the same playlist or podcast simultaneously. So no matter the distance, either six feet away or a thousand miles away, you and your team members can now listen to the same content at the same time on their own devices (as well as control playback).

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