translated from Spanish: Thief assaults driver during red light (Video)

A motorist picked up at an exact moment when a thief was taking advantage of the red light to storm a sports car in Mexico City. The Porsche-branded car was stopped at the top when a guy in a blue shirt, lenses and denim trousers instept the driver through the window. In the video it is notorious how the assailant sticks his body through the window until he is left alone with his legs out of the car.
After the rapid assault he walks away from the Porsche walking among the other vehicles waiting for the follow. The robbery would have occurred at the busy crossing of Mixcoac and Insurgentes, south of the capital. On social media, CDMX C5 said he was aware of the incident.

They capture #robo the driver of a @PorscheMexico, according to social media users it occurred in the #CdMx. #SiLoReconocesDenúncialo #Video 🎥👇🏽
— JORGE BECERRIL JB/8 (@MrElDiablo8) July 28, 2020

Violent theft is an everyday fear for many mexico City residents. One of the most difficult and most vulnerable modalities to citizens is vehicle theft at times of high traffic, as was reported a couple of times on the sides of the Southern Peripheral in January 2020.
On that occasion several assailants took advantage of the vehicle load and poor lighting on the side to assault several vehicles at the same time, very close to the Perisur shopping center.

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