translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] «That’s show»: The strong cross between Ivan Moreira and Camila Vallejos where drivers had to intervene

This day during a conversation that took place in chV’s morning, «With You in The Morning», there was a strong crossover of words between parliamentarian Camila Vallejos and Senator Iván Moreira.In that instance, the DEPUTY was saying goodbye and stated that «I must now go to the common pots in La Florida» which generated the complaint and laughter of the UDI mp. To which driver Monserrat Alvarez interrupted by asking «Why is you laughing senator?»» Needless to say you’re going to help people. No one is starving, not lying,» Moreira replied, at the same time, Vallejos stated that «a lot of people are dying from contagion because they are fighting hunger. This is happening with ordinary pots, people have to survive. So look at the tone, watch the way you talk because there’s a problem in every territory.» To which the senator replied that «that’s show, that’s show (…) That’s part of the show on the left, which is going to go to the common pots.» People are dying from the effects of covid, no one is starving. That’s why I voted for 10%. That’s why there’s an employment protection law, there are deliveries of food boxes, there are lease subsidies, there’s deferral of payment of contributions. And they come to tell me that there is nothing,» Moreira said, In the face of this situation the animators, had to intervene and Julio César Rodríguez expressed that «we lower a change, people expect us to have a conversation with high eye». And Vallejos recounted that «a neighbor from Florida told me she didn’t eat five days ago. That’s not a show and I ask for respect.» To which eventually, Moreira stated that «that’s why Miss Ivan Moreira, Pinochetista, voted for 10%. But no one is starving. The Communist party feels free to say whatever it wants.»

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