translated from Spanish: Video Valentina Quintana, a life with Tourette’s syndrome

In 2017, Violeta Urtizberea put Tourette’s Syndrome in her star character, the strip of The Thirteen in which her character suffered from this neurological fection, in the center of the scene. With positive and negative reviews on the subject, people began to get inside about this situation. However, an extension of having close to our affections to anyone who suffered it, never the word of some of those who suffer had not been massively visible, until this week. Valentina Quintana, a 15-year-old Chilean young woman, came out with a video for where she counts and shows what it’s like to live with this.
To understand a little, Tourette’s Syndrome affects the neurological system, whose main characteristic is to have spasms: clicks, involuntary movements and screams. One of the main problems is that so far no cure has been detected, although if there are certain treatments, but it can also last a few years, it can last a lifetime. Its visibility and awareness is essential to avoid the discrimination and taunts experienced by people who live with Tourette’s syndrome, and Valentina tells it. “When I go out on the street a lot of people laugh without knowing what’s wrong with me,” says Temuco’s teen.In the post showing the spamos she constantly suffers, she reveals that she needs help in many things in her life, such as eating, while many people don’t understand what this syndrome is. “I have had a very hard road, as most of my life has bothered me. A lot of people think it’s a lie I have Tourette’s,” she says.

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