translated from Spanish: 10% withdrawal: Banks call for account deposits and say worth view is not advisable

In order to initiate the process of applying for and payment of the withdrawal of 10% of pension funds, the Association of Financial Banks and Institutions (ABIF), said it was working in a coordinated manner «to make the money available in our clients’ accounts within the time limits defined by law».
The trade union group also called on customers to prioritize deposits in bank accounts and to use digital channels to avoid face-to-face paperwork. «The suggestion is to avoid rows and crowds and only go to branches for strictly necessary procedures.»
In addition, the ABIF noted that payment by voucher is not advisable as «it is a mechanism that presents complexities», because it requires the beneficiary to be in person for collection.
«We also show the importance of people following the protocols implemented to prevent fraud and be careful in handling sensitive information such as keys, passwords, RUT and serial number of documents,» said the agency, which also recalled not opening emails of dubious provenance, called for taking care of messages asking for personal data and remembering to always access official websites and that intermediaries will not be used to deliver money.

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