translated from Spanish: Another door closes for UDI proposal: Prokurica Minister rules out “totally” privatization of Codelco

A new slamming added the UDI proposal that seeks to privatize Codelco and sell TVN to “overcome the pandemic.” First he was the new minister of government spokesman, Jaime Bellolio and now the Minister of Mining, Baldo Prokurica.
The Secretary of State flatly ruled out the initiative, as it is not part of the Sebastsián Piñera government programme. “In the face of the statements of some Members who raised the privatisation of Codelco, I mean emphatically that it is not part of the Government programme of Presiente Piñera,” he said.
“The President has never raised this issue to me and that, even in the extraordinary circumstances because of the needs generated by the pandemic, I have not received any change from the original government project either. I therefore totally dismiss the existence of an initiative in this area,” he emphasized.
Proof of this, according to Prokurica, “is that in the National Mining Policy 2050, this area has not been the subject, nor as a proposal of government”.
Copper workers – the Copper Workers Federation (FTC) and the Mining Chamber – had already criticized the UDI initiative.

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