translated from Spanish: Antonio Conte: «It’s easier to move Milan’s Duomo than Messi to come to The Inter»

Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte was ironic about the possibilities that Argentine striker Lionel Messi can sign for his team, after Chinese television owned by ‘Suning’, the firm that owns the team, used an image of FC Barcelona’s ’10’ projected on the city’s Duomo to promote the ‘neroazzurri’ liguero clash against Naples.» I find it easier to move the Duomo for Messi to come to Inter,» Conte replied in statements to ‘Sky Sport’ after Tuesday’s victory over Napoli, a duel where Alexis Sanchez started and played for 59 minutes, without gravitate.» Sign messi or four players out of 50 million players? I think both solutions are not possible,» he added. Hours earlier, Inter’s sporting director, ‘Beppe’ Marotta, had also ruled out this possibility. «We’re talking about an icon, a great player, a wish everyone has, but this is just a game. Today, no Italian team can carry out such an operation unless extraordinary situations arise, linked to the world of shareholders or owners.» For me, it’s an extraordinary fact to see such a champion the Inter. It’s ‘football’, a utopian situation,» he said to ‘Sky Sport’.

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