translated from Spanish: Bubble Bio-1, the new biosecurity capsule against covid-19

Colombia.- A group of Colombian developers launched this week an innovative biosecurity capsule aimed at ensuring the complete isolation of the user from external fluids and thus preventing COVID-19 infections. It is the Bio-1 Bubble, a helmet composed of several elements that allow, by means of an electrical mechanism, the supply of air, and the control of the output of carbon dioxide, similar to the system used in space helmets.
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«We have an electrical filtration system that injects air into the capsule producing positive pressure in the bubble. Positive pressure allows more pressure inside the hull than outside, the air always tends to evacuate through its normal output system preventing the accumulation of carbon dioxide,» Felipe Giraldo, CEO of QL Concept LLC, the developer of the invention, told Xinhua Felipe Giraldo, CEO of QL Concept LLC, the developer of the invention.
These bubbles were designed to be as natural as possible at the time of use, i.e. no loss of visibility at the angles, that there is the lowest in weight possible. The issue of fogging is also a system that was worked on,» the aeronautical engineer added.

The development of this implementation began at the beginning of the arrival of the pandemic to Colombia and after a deep research work, in which aeronautical engineers and biomedical scientists participated, three ergonomic models were manufactured and suitable for people of all ages. Manufactured with imported elements, mostly Chinese, the capsules went through strict studies and 84 different tests that guarantee the long life of both the rechargeable batteries and the other components that make up them.

Photo: Youtube capture QL Concept channel

«The idea was born with a product of less than $25 in mind for the domestic market and for everyone, but really in development we found many problems that made the product go up in price. Now we are entering a very specific sector that are doctors, the staff who are in contact with many people, the aeronautical flights, but what we want most is to be able to have a massive production to lower costs and make it accessible to everyone,» Giraldo said.While this purpose is achieved bubbles are marketed at a cost of approximately $109 and to expand production and to expand production , the company is making contacts with manufacturing factories that have the necessary infrastructure to speed up production times. Its objective is to generate alliances with countries such as Mexico, where this type of products have greater support in its manufacture. Because of their weight and versatility the capsules allow the realization of virtually all everyday activities, however they are developed for use indoors and with low humidity conditions.» We have gone through three stages, a first in which 10 units were sold to receive feedback from our customers, doctors, surgeons, people of the common. The next stage we are finishing was the sale of 100 bubbles and we move on to the next one, in which we will have a production of one hundred a day or much more», abounded the founder of the company. According to their creators, these capsules are also designed to reduce the discomfort generated by traditional biosecurity suits used by doctors, nurses and surgeons who are on the first line of containment of COVID-19 and other contagious diseases by air. The launch of the capsules occurs just as Colombia goes through the worst weeks the new coronavirus, which has already left 9,074 deaths and 267,385 positive cases of infected people, is contagion. 

Original source in Spanish

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