translated from Spanish: Deputy Fuenzalida (RN) admits that there will be an «empty» in RN after the arrival of Overflows and Allamand to the Cabinet: «The party runs out of political voices»

Yesterday’s ministerial adjustment continues to generate reactions in officialism. In conversation with Radio Universo, the deputy of National Renewal (RN), Gonzalo Fuenzalida, argued that there will be a «vacuum» in the collective with the arrival of two of his emblematic militants in the cabinet of Piñera, as are Mario Desbordes (Defense) and Andrés Allamand (Foreign Relations).
«In National Renewal there is going to be a void… Mario raised issues… when Mario (Out of the Way) and Allamand, it’s a party that runs out of political voices, doesn’t mean they’re not going to be generated, but the front line goes,» the parliamentarian said.
Regarding the arrival of the former RN president and the former team of La Moneda, Fuenzalida was emphatic in noting that «Mario Desbordes leaves politics, a sectoral Ministry is leaving Defense. He’s out of politics, he’s not going to be out of his opinion. Andrés Allamand also leaves, he’s going to take over Foreign Affairs. Neither of us is going to be in the morning.»
In the opinion of the legislator, with changing cabinets yesterday «people with political experience come in and that’s very good.»
Regarding the new Minister of the Interior, Victor Perez (UDI), for the RN mp, the former member of the Constitution Commission of the Upper House, «is a good person, in the human being who has a good relationship with everyone». Fuenzalida noted that Pérez «is going to generate political bridges,» but admitted that he is concerned about order and public safety.
«Victor (Perez) is not a person with that experience, there (in public order) he has a shortcoming,» he added.
«It is good to bring Cristian Monckeberg to a political ministry, which is where he should have always been,» he said regarding the arrival of the former social development holder in the Segpres.
In that sense, Fuenzalida noted that, the new faces of the cabinet «are all good people, come from the parliamentary world and have political experience.»

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