translated from Spanish: No wonder they rate Chapman so badly!

Many have already realized why Mayor Guillermo «Billy» Chapman turned out to be a lousy rulerAfiliation. They say that the leading electrician in Ahome, Domingo «Mingo» Vázquez, is more than moved by his strategy of gaining followers on his route through the mayorality of Ahome. In one of those moves, he works to expand his support base, such as that campaign to enter the sports car «Mingo» Vázquez. The detail is that some point out that the document they use steps on the marshy terrain of illegality because in the format comes the applicant to enter the sports car has to write his section and electoral key. They say these things aren’t minor. The bridges. At the same time, «Mingo» Vazquez bridges with political actors from different political parties. He was just picked up with priist Senator Mario Zamora Gastélum, with whom he had a coffee. In fact, «Mingo» Vazquez flirts and is flirted with by some political parties, which puts him in the eyes of many. Some say that by his indefinition he can be left with nothing, but still the electrician leader seems to be going to continue stretching the league until he sees the timing of decision-making for 2021. Some were not surprised by the meeting with Zamora Gastélum because they remember that he was a guest when he received at the ejido El Porvenir the leaders of the state PRI and some who aspire to the candidacy for the mayor’s house.  The bottom. It is not only the local Member of Parliament Cecilia Covarrubias who is moving firmly for the candidacy for the mayor of Ahome. His benchmate Juan Ramón Torres Navarro also says that he is already forming his positioning team among the Ahomenses. Moreover, part of his backing point is what he does in the State Congress, so he goes all, as happened yesterday in the discussion of Ahome’s public accounts. Torres Navarro spoke out for his disapproval of the irregularities found, but for many he did not even take the trouble to read the observations in full or if he read them he was used to figure his political project. But doing it with falsehoods can be reversed, which can happen because the priists are not going to let the «muertitos» who are not theirs carry him. Rookie. Many have already realized why Mayor Guillermo «Billy» Chapman is so ill-rated by the Ahomens. Well, they say partly. And they resumed what Chapman said at the time of delivery of three vans to Municipal Public Service, on the esplanade of The Municipal Palace. There, he confessed that it is the first time he has been ruler, to which some released the popular phrase of rightly! in reference that you already know why you’re doing things so badly. As he had not been in a public responsibility, having it, and of this nature, he climbed quickly to the brick, the fumes rose immediately and with «the cylindrical of the living» of the erario, worse. They are delighted because they even claim that Chapman is manipulable, which suits them to continue to bleed finances by simply raising his ego and reproducing his attacks on his opponents in his face posts. Measure. Some do not find the approach of the director of Municipal Health in Ahome, Francisco Espinoza, to close public spaces again due to non-compliance with the measures of prevention against coronavirus. It is logical that possibility because although there is no uptick of cases, this can be given by the social relaxation that is taking place. And before he comes forward, you have to take action. 

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