translated from Spanish: Senator Chahuán announced nomination for the presidency of National Renewal

Senator Francisco Chahuán announced on Wednesday his candidacy for the presidency of National Renewal (RN), after Mario Desbordes assumed as minister of Defensa.De Emol information agreement, Chahuán argued that «we are going to present our candidacy for the presidency of the party, we are accompanied by regional leaders, parliamentarians, we will already announce the formation of the list, we are working on the deployment of all our people in the country». In Senator RN’s view, «it is essential, first to institutionalize the party for the effects of a dialogue between the party and the parliamentary benches. We must rebuild the support base of the President’s government (Sebastian) Piñera which is primarily given by RN.» The second thing is to rebuild the collective spirit of the coalition and that means that the coalition has a life of its own, that we have a certain possibility of being able to generate a dialogue between the coalition parties and we are also able to influence public debate,» he added. He also said that the party «has more than two souls, has at least four distinct souls, there are nationalist, national groups, there are conservative, liberal and also social Christian aspects not to name the radicals who were also part of RN.» Therefore, what needs to be done is how we are able to articulate decision-making processes that allow us to order the party,» he said. In that regard, he stated that «the worst thing that can happen is that the leadership and particularly the party table makes decisions without permanent consultation with the seats of deputies and senators, institutionalizing this decision-making mechanism is the key to finally maintaining that vigour that internal unity gives in diversity.»

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