translated from Spanish: The Here We Are bringing funds for the Frida Integration Center: how quarantine is lived

The Frida Integration Center opened in July 2015 and, 5 years after that, Konex Cultural City organizes a festival to raise funds for the space dedicated to the accompaniment and containment of cis and trans women in street situations. The event will be virtual and named after Here We Are. It will be held this Sunday, August 2, from 17 hs and can be viewed on Youtube and Facebook Live.
How do I live quarantine in the Center?
«This pandemic context finds us reinventing and accompanying almost 24 hours to the inhabitants who are isolated 24 hours a day, leaving their life on the street, learning to be without consumption, learning to bond with the rest, to create and connect with other things,» says Micaela Acosta, a social worker who plays at the CIF. With a focus on social, health and children, as well as workshops and communication, the Center seeks that its inhabitants «can reintegrate into society with a project of their own that speaks of their desire and what they want to do from now on.» Our daily function is to reinforce the positives of this isolation, to sustain them,» adds Acosta.
«Since the pandemic began we are under a strict quarantine situation: in Frida we have companions who are risk factors for pre-existing diseases and situations of vulnerability that have been suffered in the street, so that none of the girls can leave Frida so that they cannot at risk the lives of their companions,» says Jimena Candido , health escort.
Today’s goal is to resist. It seems to me that it is being achieved thanks to the basic containment that is being given to each other.

Donating options are now available on the Konex City page and you can contribute from $100 to $2,000.

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