translated from Spanish: Usa. US: Donald Trump disagreed with economic relief plan

Republicans and Democrats began what is estimated to be tough negotiations on how best to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, after the former unveiled a relief proposal four days before millions of people lose their unemployment benefits. Republican senators announced a $1 billion aid package, a proposal originally crafted with the White House, that was rated as the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, as a «tailored and focused» plan to reopen schools and businesses, while protecting companies from potential lawsuits. However, the project provoked immediate opposition from the Democratic and Republican ranks. The former complained that it was too limited compared to their $3 billion proposal that was approved by the House of Representatives in May. Some Republicans called it too expensive.

In this regard, U.S. President Donald Trump said there are some aspects that he does not support the proposal that emerged from his own party. Asked at a press conference if there were issues he didn’t support, Trump said, «Yes, there really are, and we’ll talk about it. There are also things I support a lot. But we’ll be negotiating. It’s a little irrelevant because Democrats respond to their needs and concerns and Republicans go with them.» The representative did not specify which parts of the project did not support comments made after several Republican senators also accounted for their rejection. The plan would give many people direct payments of $1,200, provide billions in small business loans, and help reopen schools. However, it would reduce the current extended unemployment benefit from the additional $600 (which expires Friday) to 200.La dispute occurs at a time when coronavirus cases in the United States exceed 4 million (4,352,083) a milestone for a pandemic that has killed nearly 150,000 people in the country and left tens of millions out of work.
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