translated from Spanish: Women in Irapuato will march to denounce the murder of Dulce Guadalupe

«All I want is justice for my daughter. Let them lock up with the maximum penalty to the one who did it, the culprit or the culprits if there is more. To each and every one of those involved in my child’s death.» Violeta Cardozo is the mother of Dulce Guadalupe Castañeda Cardozo, a 25-year-old who was found dead on Sunday morning. Agents of the Secretariat of Public Security found her in a canal located on the side of the Federal Highway, at the height of the community La Soledad, in the vicinity of Irapuato, Guanajuato. The woman was missing from Friday when she left home at 7pm dressed in her Mazda company uniform to go to work.
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To demand justice, the family and the feminist collective Radical Resistance Irapuato called a protest for Wednesday, July 29, at 6pm from the agora of the Hospitalito, in the downtown area of Irapuato. «They didn’t die, they were murdered,» is one of the slogans that accompanies the sign of the act, for which it is asked to go in black clothes, purple scarf and compulsory head coverings. The collective and the family have worked together for the call for the demonstration. The feminist organization said it has not received a response from the authorities «but we hope they will not be an obstacle to the moment of demonstrating.»
«The march and demonstration is on behalf of Dulce Guadalupe Cardozo, victim of femicide, and all the victims of femicide, enforced disappearance and gender-based violence in Irapuato, which is one of the most dangerous cities in the state of Guanajuato. We call on the authorities to resolve cases and improve protocols for victim care, so that more women can access justice,» the collective said in a Messenger message.
The mobilization will be joined by various groups of relatives of missing persons such as Desaparecidos Irapuato or Sembrando Comunidad.
Dulce Guadalupe Castañeda Cardozo is the mother of two girls, one of 10 and the other of 6. «They can’t fend for themselves, they need someone else, they needed their mother,» Cardozo told reporters in Irapuato. The account of his disappearance and alleged murder is yet to be clarified. He was on his way to work when he disappeared. Her mother, desperate for a lack of response, posted a message on her Facebook wall asking for any information to locate her. On Saturday, he filed a missing persons complaint with the State Attorney General’s Office.
«She was last seen on Friday, July 24, 2020 in Irapuato, Gto. He left for work at approximately 7:00 p.m. He was wearing the Mazda company’s uniform. Since then he’s lost contact with her. So far his whereabouts are unknown. Her family is waiting for her at home,» the missing irapuato collective said on her Facebook page.
Unfortunately, a day later the body was found. Local media reported that he had a blow to the head. Animal Político consulted the State Attorney General’s Office on the cause of death without receiving a response.
The victim’s mother, in her only media appearance on Monday, insisted on demanding justice. «Keep in mind that this pain that I have right now can be had by one of you with a child, with a family member. I want to ask and beg you not to rest until you find the culprits,» he said.
The woman explained that the last time she spoke to her was on Friday at 7 o’m the time she left home to take the truck on the way to work. You don’t know if you’ve reached the auto plant or someone has approached it earlier. «What matters is what they did to my little girl. All I want is justice for my child,» she said.
Asked by reporters about a person, alleged suspect, the mother said she knew nothing. «All I know is that he’s not here and they have to pay for what they did,» he said.
In Guanajuato, the Secretariat of Public Security registered 9 femicides as of June 20 of this year. It is one of the least crime-rate states in the entire Republic, in which 473 femicides were perpetrated until the middle of the year. The figure, however, changes when the variable of intentional homicides perpetrated against women is taken. There Guanajuato appears as the state in which the highest number of crimes against women is committed, with 252 intentional homicides out of a total of 443 across the country.
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