translated from Spanish: About 350 cars went to the snow and vehicular flow went up on the first day of decon confinement in MRI

With the small open trade and more vehicles circulating yesterday, Las Condes, Auñoa, La Reina, Vitacura, Lo Barnechea, Colina and Tiltil, the first communes of the capital that left the quarantine behind to advance to the first phase of deconfunding in the country’s most hit region by the Covid-19.
The beginning of phase 2 of the Step by Step plan was notorious. Allowing free movement between Monday and Friday, several Santiaguinos who were locked up for months returned to the street. As a sign of this, In Las Condes they reported a greater use of their new cycleways installed in Avenida Presidente Riesco, while in the Metro network there was 9.6% more trips than the same day last week, uprising that in the micros reached 14%.
The Ministry of Transport reported that during the peak hour of the morning in the Greater Santiago there was an increase of 8% of vehicles in circulation, if you compare the vehicular flow of the main avenues yesterday with those of a week ago. The increase, according to the portfolio, was concentrated almost exclusively in deconfined areas.
«People have respected quarantine zones. We hope that this graduality can be maintained,» said Minister Gloria Hutt.
According to the portfolio measurement, the commune where mobility increased the most was Lo Barnechea, which had 33% more vehicles on the street. In the municipality they increased the estimate, as their portals of patents showed a vehicle increase of 56%.
The mayor also accounted for 350 vehicles entering the checkpoint on the route to Farellones towards the snow zones. «You can’t not let it go up. It is ruled by the Government that in stage 2 of Transition you can transit through the commune, and Farellones is part of our commune,» explained Mayor Cristóbal Lira.
The authority noted that in the figure there may be neighbors who went to check their homes after weeks without seeing them, although he recalled that they cannot stay in the second home, so they must return before curfew. Until 18:00 116 vehicles were still up. Please make the ski centres closed.
After the MRI, the undersecretary of Assistance Networks, Arturo Zúñiga, said that self-care is key at this stage. «It’s a step that delivers more freedoms, but it goes hand in hand with greater responsibility,» he said.
On the eve, Public Space criticized the disconfunding claiming that it was «ahead of time», because to avoid regrowth requires good traceability, a method that questioned because today the PCR results would be known in 14 days. Sebastián Ugarte, head of the ICU of Clínica Indisa who yesterday participated in the balance of the Minsal, agreed that the measure is «a little hasty», a position that is repeated among experts.
Health Minister Enrique Paris said he was aware that «there may be re-openings,» but defended the decision and recalled that if the rates get worse «we will go back.» Undersecretary of Health Paula Daza reviewed the study center, ensuring that 92% of PCR tests are known in 48 hours.
25% fewer cases
Chile reached 349,800 contagions after adding 1,876 cases. The deaths reached 9,240 with 53 new deaths. The Minsal noted that the infected daily fell by 25% in two weeks, with declines in 8 regions, and positivity stands at 10.7%, about 10% requested by experts.

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