translated from Spanish: Kicillof: «We reaffirm our idea of intermittent quarantine»

Governor Axel Kicillof today confirmed that the increase in coronavirus cases is linked to the mobility of the population, although he said that his position is to continue with an «intermittent quarantine» in the metropolitan area (AMBA).» We reaffirmed our idea of intermittent quarantine,» the representative explained during a teleconference he held today with the conurban’s communal leaders, who agreed on the need to continue this modality, as reported by the provincial governorate. At the meeting, Kicillof stated that «we all work together with the same data and are working in solidarity with the City: we are on the same page». In addition, he attributed the growth in the number of contagions in recent weeks «to certain social behaviors» and said that «from an epidemiological point of view we see a growth in cases that is linked to mobility». He also noted that «if we hadn’t multiplied investment in health and new beds, the system would be overwhelmed today.» We need to continue to put every effort into avoiding system saturation and virus spread,» he said. During the meeting, the governor was accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Carlos Bianco, and the Minister of Health, Daniel Gollan, and remotely by the Minister of Government, Teresa García; The Minister of Community Development, Andrés Larroque, and the Deputy Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak.After the meeting, Moreno’s mayor, Mariel Fernández, said that the central thing «is to take care of the neighbors».» We worked very well in the hospital system, in the equipment of respirators and supplies for staff, but we have to continue to put the focus on prevention, to place more emphasis on the Detect and Strengthen CAPS program,» he graphed. Meanwhile, the mayor of Esteban Echeverría, Fernando Gray, remarked that «you have to have extreme responsibility in this relationship that we have within the metropolitan area to go in the same direction». In this line, Federico Achaval, of Pilar, emphasized the importance of territorial work «so that isolation can be fulfilled.» We are improving protocols and we need to think about territorial deployment policies that will allow us to flatten the contagion curve,» he said.

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