translated from Spanish: Ministro Bellolio closes the door to the sale of TVN: «It is the channel of all Chileans and we will continue to support it»

The Minister of the General Secretariat of Government, Jaime Bellolio, again closed the door to one of the projects that drives the bench of UDI deputies, who seek to sell Chilean National Television.
The sayings of Bellolio were in the midst of the Special Session of the Senate in which the members of the board of the public station accounted for the financial statements of the company, its management and commitment to the fulfillment of the public mission, as well as the operation, management and use of resources for the financing of the cultural signal.
Bellolio said of TVN that «we must strengthen its public function, its ability to develop culture and put it at the forefront in the use of new technologies», stressing that «it is the channel of all Chileans», which it has accompanied for almost 50 years.
«It’s the channel of all Chileans and we have supported it, we will continue to support it and it will remain the channel of all Chileans. By this I want to confirm that our position is going to be to reinforce TVN and we can demonstrate it with previous actions, such as when the law that meant $47 million that was delivered to the channel to make investments was passed, as well as the $18 million that is available by the time the cultural channel is introduced,» Bellolio said.
«With that we show that what this government, President Piñera, wants to do is strengthen the public channel. We are interested in remaining public, that it continues to deliver the work it gives to all Chileans,» he added.
«At the same time we have made an additional offer. That is, to form a working table from the Government as well as the Congress, the channel itself and also with citizen participation, in which we can make a new law for TVN, that contemplates public funding, the strengthening of it and that also contemplates a modernization of the way it is managed. It’s not the government channel, it’s all Chileans’ channel,» he concluded.
The government spokesman had already anticipated, in one of his first interventions as the new minister, that he «is not in the government plan and less within the priorities of selling TVN or Codelco».

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