translated from Spanish: PES DEPUTY defends right to life

For her religious beliefs, the local deputy of Querétaro, Elsa Méndez, called the ministers of the Supreme Court who returned the project that sought to decriminalize abortion in Veracruz «terrorists».
Before the project was discussed, the member of the Social Meeting Party (PES) shared a video on her social networks where she says that God commissioned her a mission and that the life of every Mexican has absolute value. 
«Who are the terrorists who with a feather want to drop a nuclear bomb and kill thousands, millions of innocent children in their most vulnerable stage, in the womb (…) I want to announce that the blood of these Mexicans will be in your hands,» says the Deputy.
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In the video, Mendez appoints the ministers who discussed the project and warns you that by voting in favor «you will face another judicial, supraterrenal power where you will be held accountable.» 
He adds that in Mexico there are brave men and women willing to fight for the defense of life.  
«We will use our mouths and all the means at our disposal to demand that this culture of death be stopped in our country (…) Mexico is pro-life, Mexico stands and God is with us,» he concludes. 

We Mexicans never give up, we will not allow the murder of the most Helpless, of which he has no Voice,…
Posted by Elsa Mendez on Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Hours later, the SCJN ministers returned the above-mentioned project without discussing the substance of the issue and focusing the debate on whether or not there was legislative omission of the Congress of Veracruz. 
With four votes in favor and one against, they agreed that the Court cannot order the Veracruz Congress to amend a law, and as it exists the Congress is not being disregarded of fulfilling its task.
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The matter was referred to another minister who will have to submit a new draft.
In other words, the return of the project was not due to a position for or against the decriminalization of abortion. 
However, after the resolution was made known, the PES Member insisted on linking the issue with the religious sphere. 
«We never lost the Faith and Hope that God will shake the hearts and reason of the Ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation,» he wrote.

We never lost the Faith and Hope that God will shake the hearts and reason of the Ministers of the Supreme Court of…
Posted by Elsa Mendez on Wednesday, 29 July 2020

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