translated from Spanish: The balance of the first day of the 10% withdrawal: more than 3 million members carried out the process

This Thursday began the process with which people will be able to withdraw 10% of their AFPs by the Covid-19 pandemic. As of 17 hours, this process had already been carried out by a total of 3,024,000 members, according to the superintendent of Pensions, Osvaldo Macías, a figure that represents 27% of the total universe of people who can apply for this money.
Hours later, from the AFP Association they updated and reported that 3.4 million requests were made to digital platforms.
«We expected a lot of people to come to this withdrawal request, as surveys told us that more than 80% of people were going to do it,» the superintendent said 24 hours.
«But certainly what has happened on this first day is at the top of our expectations,» he added.
According to Macias, in general «the process has flowed quite well and that 27% of the affiliates have already made the application on the first day, certainly shows that the process has been successful».
But there have been problems, as in the case of the Provida and Model AFP. On the first, he said that from 7pm, the page should no longer present problems and the «row» that was built virtually should move smoothly in the remainder of the day.
«In any case, peace of mind and apologies are sought from Provida’s affiliates for these issues, but it is being resolved and in a few hours their requests will be made,» he said.
About AFP Modelo, who requested photos from both sides of the identity card, Macías said that he «acted out of the norm, because that is not within the regulation issued by the Superintendency and they did so as a security mechanism». However, he noted that «it is an irregularity, which does not apply and the consequences unfortunately is that people have had trouble making their request.»

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