translated from Spanish: They found missing lawyer’s cell phone destroyed in Quilmes

Although earlier he passed out that a man was arrested for the disappearance of Salvador Altamura, the lawyer who was missing 17 days ago in the town of Quilmes, for possessing the missing person’s cell phone, police sources claimed that he was only a witness. «There’s a suspect in custody. This is a 24-year-old who had Salvador’s cell phone and now he will have to explain to see if he is involved in his disappearance,» had told the news agency Solange Alonso Barnetche, who represents Altamura’s family.However, judicial sources informed the Télam news agency that this young man «always witnessed» and even today collaborated with detectives from the Departmental Delegation of Investigations (DDI) of Quilmes in a series of rakes that they were made at the site of the center of Quilmes where he said he had found the chip and discarded the device because he found it destroyed and it was not useful.

The lawyer was last seen on board his bike, a Honda Crf 250 L and was searched by security cameras on July 13. In the sequence he is seen circulating, then slowed down, and then accelerated and continued. «The neighborhood of San Telmo, near the 25 de Mayo highway, and the Maciel Island area is being raked because someone called to tell that they were offering a similar bike at a very low price and we suspect it is Salvador’s,» the lawyer said. As it was determined, the film was used on Thursday 16 this month by two motochorros that broke the window of a car to steal a bag in a event that occurred in the center of Quilmes.On the main hypothesis that the family handles, Alonso Barnetche stated that they believe it was «a kidnapping, of someone who held Salvador to go to his house and steal money» and that they hope that he will soon appear «life with».» We know that money was stolen from him in dollars that no one knows exactly how much he is but it was a significant sum that disappeared from his department’s safe,» the lawyer said. Tomorrow, at 11, the Altamura family called for a march in front of the courts of Quilmes, located on Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue at 400 and Videla, to demand for their «live appearance», as announced on social media. Salvador Altamura was a lawyer but did not practice the profession, and today he ran motorcycling races in amateur form, had sold a polyethylene and polypropylene company, and currently continued with the import of raw materials for that industrial area.

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