translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Daniel Alcaíno returns as Yerko Puchento with virtual show: «There are themes that no longer, annoy a woman by her physical appearance ever»

Yerko Puchento will return to the screen on August 6. But this time to the screen of a computer, with the premiere of the virtual show «Y vertigo, the relief of Chile», in which the actor behind the character, Daniel Alcaíno, advances that, once again, it will crumble the national contingency.
One that, he says, is overcome day by day. «We always complained that nothing was happening and now everything is happening, so material we have to sew, fabric there is to cut,» he said in conversation with SoyTV.
Alcaíno said that at the beginning of the pandemic he decided to take it easy and thought, «I’m not going to force myself to anything.» But the months passed, the accounts came together and decided to follow the path of many in the field of acting and put on his own show, with his eternal partner, the screenwriter Jorge López, with whom Yerko Puchento makes.
And although he says that he doesn’t know exactly the jokes he’ll tell on August 6 when he premieres the show, because that’s going to depend on the contingency, he does announce that he’ll stay true to the essence of the character and will address the conjuncture of the moment because «things change overnight and we like to play with that vertigo, that’s how it turned out and we don’t have to mess them up.» «It’s that vertigo that we now turn it into break, because obviously we’re off the channel, we don’t have the lawyers of our Daddy Luksic who defended us when we risked lawsuits,» the actor humorously adds.
However, Alcaíno also makes a self-criticism and says that he has learned lessons over the years: «You have to have twice as much» and «be very careful with the word». «We have been learning, the theme of Cecilia Pérez, obviously the idea is always to learn, mature and grow together with the country,» he admits. «I think there are issues that no longer, bothering a woman because of her physical appearance ever, and so many things that we irritated, disturbing a city, got out of hand was an opinion that maybe among friends we said it on television and it was very bad sight,» she adds, recalling two of the most controversial episodes of the eternal tanning character.

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