translated from Spanish: A policeman died after being shot in the head while trying to prevent a robbery

A Bonaerense police officer was shot in the head today when he wanted to prevent the theft of the driver of a truck committed by a group of criminals, in the town of Gregorio de Laferrere. The man died after being cared for in the hospital and was identified as Ivan Leonel Triveño.The crime was recorded this morning at the junction of Icalma and Esteban Echeverría streets, in that town of the party of La Matanza, in the southwest of the conurban. Court sources informed Télam that it all began when a soda transport truck parked at the scene and a group of criminals aboard a vehicle intercepted it for theft purposes. At that moment, the policeman living on the block observed the situation and gave the voice «stop», after which from inside the car one of the assailants fired a shot. According to the sources, the cash was shot in the front of the head and fell to the ground badly injured. The offenders fled at full speed and the victim was rushed to a zonal hospital, where he was admitted to intensive care and later died. The event is investigated by prosecutor José Luis Maroto, in charge of the Functional InstructionAl unit (UFI) 13 of the Judicial Department La Matanza.

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