translated from Spanish: Deputies debate tax moratorium and reform to the bankruptcy law

From this Friday at 3pm, the Chamber of Deputies will discuss, in a special session, the draft tax and pension moratorium and the reform of the bankruptcy law that determines the extension of the procedural deadlines in the case of creditor tenders and the suspension of executions for 180 days.

The agenda was communicated on Thursday night, after the Front of All bloc decided to postpone until next Monday or Tuesday the treatment of the budget extension, which authorizes the Government to make erogations to solve social and labor programs in order to alleviate the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, parliamentary sources reported. Maxim Kirchner, chairman of the official bloc, called for a special session to be held today to discuss the extension of the moratorium and the reform of the bankruptcy law. The latter is claimed by various business entities to prevent dozens of bankruptcies from occurring when activity in justice is normalized. In this way, the Committee of Justice was summoned for 11 o’t be to discuss the projects submitted by officialism and the opposition, and to agree on an opinion, which will then be discussed at the venue.
In addition, Members will seek to approve the project which extends the tax moratorium – which obtained a majority opinion on Tuesday – and provides that the benefits may be incorporated into the debts due on 30 June last, includes prizes for complying taxpayers and excludes the possibility of banks and telephones being able to qualify. The draft executive, establishes the deadline until 31 October to register for the moratorium, provides that the first payment will expire in December, instead of 16 November as established by the original project and fixed that the planned debts can be paid within 48 to 60 installments. Finally, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, summoned for the 12 to the Committee on Parliamentary Work, to finalize with the different blocks the details of the virtual session.
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