translated from Spanish: Opposition by presidential message: «He planted a reductionist vision of the social outburst»

Several opposition players harshly criticized the presidential message and questioned references to October’s social outburst and the pandemic crisis.
The ppD president, Heraldo Muñoz, said qie Piñera «gave many explanations, eluded self-criticism, and raised a reductionist vision of the social outburst. He missed a minute’s silence for the thousands of deceased.»
His Socialist Party peer, Senator Alvaro Elizalde, said the Mandario «should have noticed the outburst. He made a shallow mink, referring to violence and not demands.» In addition, the parliamentarian questioned the announcement of the withholding of 10% of pension funds to alimony debtors, as he said that an initiative along the same line was entered by a group of opposition senators.
Mp Giorgio Jackson, meanwhile, wrote on his Twitter account, «impressive the irrelevance of the public account.» In the opinion of the parliamentarian there was no self-criticism, there were no announcements and criticized that he did not express a position on the plebiscite for a new Constitution. «Only common places stuffed with rhetoric. Zero leadership.»
PC DEPUTY Camila Vallejo, meanwhile, said that «we have just seen a presidential campaign speech, bombastic promises to achieve first-world development, when it is her third year of government.»
D.C.’s helmsman Fuad Chahin, meanwhile, said the Mandate would be charged for a «mixed pension system with real social security.» «I hope it’s not like so many ads that are then diluted in the fine print,» he added.

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