translated from Spanish: Reports he died inside an ambulance without medical assistance

A month ago, a 32-year-old man asked for medical assistance from his social work because he felt bad but died inside the ambulance that came to pick him up as he reported, he was stood at his home for three hours waiting for directions on which health centre to go to. Today, his family denounces abandonment of person.  Gastón Velazquez’s wife, the deceased man, said that she was with him at the time of his death and that it was she herself who alerted the doctor and the ambulanciero that her husband had stopped breathing. «I asked them and begged them to take care of him but the doctor told me he couldn’t do anything because he was suspected of being covid-19 positive. I was told that if anything happened, the ambulance was equipped to attend to him, but they did nothing and died,» the woman told La Nación.La cause carried out by the PCyF 29 Prosecutor’s Office, run by Dr. Brunet, investigates whether the young man’s death occurred as a result of kidney failure and asthma. In this context, there is research on person abandonment or omission of relief.» They spent 3 hours waiting inside the ambulance and without providing him with medical care of any kind, with the vehicle parked at the door of the house, until the patient finally died at the scene,» prosecutor Aníbal Brunet said in a statement. The investigation is supported by the Judicial Investigation Corps, which among other investigations, participated in the raiding of the offices of the ambulance loan company as well as in the request that was made to the doctor, an opportunity where forensic copies of his cell phones were made.

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