translated from Spanish: Vicentin group workers report police harassment

A group of workers from the Avellaneda Cotton, part of the Vicentin group, reported harassment by police officers while a flyer was developing in claim as they are paid only a portion of their salary. «Patrulleros specifically turned to the small group of ten workers, who complied with all the sanitary and estrangement measures for Phase 5 in force in the province,» they reported in a statement.

According to the workers’ accounts, the policemen interrogated them, demanded personal data, took photos of them and prevented them from continuing the outreach activity.» This repudiable event adds to another practice of re-execution that the police force has implemented in recent days: to cite delegates and trade union references to police stations as «witnesses» of their own conflict, a practice that is illegal and which this union has already reported to the Government of the Province of Santa Fe», they said.

Santa Fe cotton oilworkers and mulners have been calling for an exit with Vicentin for an exit that secures the jobs, as well as remembering the board’s responsibility for dismantlers made in the last period.» We hold the Province of Santa Fe responsible for the local police acting as the vicentin company’s shock force,» they conrded.

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