translated from Spanish: Catholic Santoral: What saint is celebrated today 1 August?

Mexico.- This Saturday, August 1, 2020, the Catholic Santoral has as its protagonist San Alfonso María de Ligorio, a lawyer in civil and canonical rights, who decided to leave everything to become an apostle of Mr. Jesus and dedicate himself to impart catechism to the people of the slums of Naples and other cities. San Alfonso was born on 27 September 1696 in a community near present-day Naples, Italy. During his childhood he was visited and blessed by St. Francis Jerome, who predicted that great blessings and wisdom would fall upon him. At the age of 16 he obtained a doctorate in civil and canon law with outstanding notes in all his studies.
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The saint studied several languages, learned music, arts and details of chivalrous life, to please his father, who wished to see him as an accomplished politician. In parallel, he frequently visited Jesus The Sacrament, prayed with devotion, and fled the unhealthy conversations. Feeling the call of faith, Saint Alfonso decided to abandon worldly life to become the Lord’s Apostle. However, this task was not easy for him because he had to go against the will of his father, family and friends. At the age of 30 he was able to consecrate his desire to be a priest and dedicates his life to working with the people who used to live in the slums of the cities near Naples, to whom he taught catechism. Saint Alfonso, together with other priests, founded the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (or Redemptor fathers) on November 9, 1752, with the mission of touring human settlements to preach and evangelize people. For 30 years, the saint led the missionaries on a tour of fields in towns, provinces, and cities, where they stayed 10 to 15 days to preach and spiritually care for all possible groups. Before his death, San Alfonso managed to write two thousand manuscripts, in addition to 111 books and printed opuscles, which had 402 editions during his lifetime. Saint Alfonso was appointed by the Pope as Bishop of Saint Agueda in 1762, despite not wanting to take office accepted him with and remained in front of the diocese for 13 years. During this period he dedicated himself to following the work of preaching, evangelization, shaping of groups of missionaries and imparting catechism among the little and needy. In the last years of life, the pontiff’s life was filled with the pain caused by disease; despite his discomfort, he always prayed for the conversion of fishermen and their health. However, San Alfonso María de Ligorio lost his life on August 1, 1787, aged 90. In 1839 he was declared Holy by Pope Gregory XVI and in 1875 Pope Pius IX appointed him Doctor of the Church.What other saints are celebrated this July 31st?

St. Jonate de Marchiennes
Saint Secundino Martyr
San Severo de Aquitaine
Blessed Alexis Sobaszek
Blessed Welcome from Miguel Arahal
Blessed Emerico of Quar
Blessed John Bufalari
Blessed Mary Star of the Blessed Sacrament and companions
Blessed Thomas Welbourne
San Alfonso María de Ligorio
San Ethelwoldo
San Exsuperio de Bayeux
San Félix de Girona

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