translated from Spanish: Chamber of Deputies Chamber Officer Tested Positive to Covid-19: It Will Not Affect Presidential Message

It was reported from the Chamber of Deputies that a courtroom officer, who resumed his duties yesterday, was diagnosed with coronavirus, but explained that he had no contact with parliamentarians and that the situation will not affect the completion of the public account this afternoon. The speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Diego Schalper (RN), said that the case is narrowed and that the contacts of the official, among which were not parliamentary, were immediately detected. Schalper explained that the room officer had been out of office for three weeks because he had been close contact with a relative infected with Covid-19 and that yesterday, upon rejoining, he had health unrest, so he was referred to the polyclinic. The Corporation, meanwhile, said that preventively, a group of five officials, linked at various levels to positive contact, went into quarantine. This day will be held the presidential public account, with a maximum of 50 guests, who will be separated 2.5 meters away and must wear masks. Among those who will be present will be the ministers of the political committee, the tables of the House and the Senate, the heads of the parliamentary committees and other authorities of the country.

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