translated from Spanish: Marco de la O and Humberto Busto fascinated with the history of Chapo Guzmán

For Mexican actors Marco de la O and Humberto Busto, the series «El Chapo» is more than just a story about drug trafficking, one proof of this is the rivalry between its two characters, which, in his view, show the parallels of power. On the one hand is Joaquín «El Chapo» Guzmán (Marco de la O), the leading Mexican drug dealer of the Sinaloa cartel who seeks to expand his drug empire around the world, while Conrado Sol, «Don Sol» (Humberto Busto), a corrupt politician, wants to establish his power by aiming for the presidential chair.
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«The character of Sol goes in parallel (with the Chapo), they never touch but go on the target of being the ‘mere’ that is, the most powerful. One on his side in politics and one in the narco, in the end they look for the same thing: the absolute power at the expense of everything and whatever it costs,» Says Marco de la O in a telephone interview with Efe on the occasion of the launch of the third and final season of the series.

For its part, Busto believes that it is just don Sol’s participation that makes the discussion not focus solely on the issue of drug trafficking, unlike other series dealing with the issue.

Marco de la O has done an excellent job/Instagram

«The idea was that Don Sol would look like a little mouse in the first season, that in the second season there would already be a real showdown between these two entes and in the third season to see all the complexity of Don Sol so that we could change the discussion and not just focus it on the narco but on power,» he explains.

«Don Sun,» The Reflection of The Bad
As it is the story of a character that exists in real life as is El Chapo, sentenced to life in the United States, there have been many rumors around the real identity of Don Sol, however, both actors emphasize that this is a completely fictional character.» They created Don Sol so that they could put the antagonistic of the series, make an analogy and show a face from the political version,» explains De la O, so Busto based his character creation on several sinister politicians who have shaken the planet.

Humberto Busto is very happy to be on the series/Instagram

Despite the evil and secrets of those they play, both De la O and Bust especially appreciate their characters.» That I love him, I love him, but as a character not in real life because I don’t even know him,» replies efe Marco de la O about The Chapo, while Bust says that Don Sol «is certainly a before and after professionally speaking.»

The dek Chapo series has been a hit/Instagram

For the actors, the possibility of playing these two strong and mysterious men changed their lives in many ways, and two years after the end of their third season they continue to reap the fruits of that experience, as the latter will be broadcast by A&E from Monday at 20.50 hours (3.50 GMT). To the broadcast of the series will be added the presence of Marco de la O, who at the beginning of each of the episodes will count his experiences as an actor as well as the behind-the-scenes that was lived in the filming.

A great production 
For Marco de la O it is important to highlight the level of production that had the series that was recorded in Colombia, from his point of view it is a pride to know that the series, which is made in Spanish, is up to the standard of international series.

«It was very difficult and difficult to come to the conclusion and see that everything was done well, the project was sheltered from great producers, actors, I was very fortunate and we should be proud that it was done in Spanish by Latin Americans,» he says. 

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