translated from Spanish: Protocol for the regulation of domestic and international travel

After the start of the deconfundation plan in some communes of the country this week, doubts have arisen regarding the possibility of domestic or international travel.
So far it is known that in phase 2 it is allowed to take to the streets without permission, to do sports or go to the parks, as long as they are outdoor activities. Always with the recommendation to maintain quarantine in order to avoid the risk of contagion, which is still maintained.
The government has not provided information regarding travel, a situation that keeps airlines uncertain, as they must prepare businesses in advance for the opening of tourism. These have criticized the absence of discussion about the possibility of travel being included in the step-by-step plan.
The authorities claimed to be preparing protocols explaining everything necessary with respect to the subject. The trips that will be allowed, the way in which it can be mobilized and tentative dates, both for travel at home and abroad.
One of the doubts that is most repeated is about the permission to go from one commune without compulsory quarantine to another under the same conditions. The official answer is that under State of Emergency citizens should remain in their homes, maintaining the restriction of doing tourism, traveling to second homes or visiting relatives, unless a justified health permit is available.
The same goes for air travel, having a boarding pass is valid as a safe conduct in order to go to the airport, but this must have a reason that justifies the trip, otherwise the health authority can deny the passage.
Travel abroad
The possibility of going to another country could be much more complex, as it depends on external factors, such as sanitary conditions, measures and local permits. So far, international tourism remains prohibited in most nations, where only people with definitive residence are being accepted.
On the other hand, the United Kingdom and the United States are from the main countries that are allowing the entry of tourists, both maintain restrictions for people who are, or who have been in the last 15 days, in certain countries.
Technically Chile has never closed its borders, but, like the other countries, only residents can enter – Chileans and foreigners – while maintaining a total quarantine of 14 days in their homes.
The protocol to be presented by the government could establish the final measures. For example, whether foreigners who are processing residence or VISA can enter or not.
There has been a resurgence of new cases of infections in countries that have started deconfunding, a situation that has been repeated during these months. Against this back against this back, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday that governments should gradually lift international travel restrictions, but only for essential or emergency cases.
In addition, it invited each nation to conduct a risk-benefit analysis in order to define priorities for its international travel permit protocols. But he asked to prioritize essential mobilizations for emergencies, humanitarian actions and repatriations.
However, WHO drew attention to Latin American states, as this region remains the «epicentre of the pandemic,» as announced by the organization. Governments should therefore be especially careful with the measures taken during these weeks.

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